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Conducts remote pipeline integrity assessment of buried & non-piggable pipelines, TRANSKOR’s proprietary technology (MTM) under standard operating conditions without excavation and contact.

Specialist provider of innovative inspection services & solutions. Expertise in Electromagnetic inspection technologies Eddy Current, Saturation Low Frequency Eddy Current (SLOFEC) & Magnetic Eddy Current (MEC). 

Verify off-site and ACT quickly on CONFIRMED events to mitigate safety, operational and environmental risks. IntelliView’s analytic imaging/alerting systems are a cost-effective solution for automating detection of industrial events, including liquid and gas leaks, and enhancing remote monitoring of assets.

Speciality chemicals for Upstream & Downstream Oil & Gas Sector.

Specialty additive chemicals for Petrol, Diesel & Gas Oil.

Develop & manufacture high-quality digital door locks & fingerprint security solutions.

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